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Pink Flower Sponge

Style# MSD-112 | Price: $5.00

Monda Studio deluxe cosmetic sponges are a makeup artist favorite, used on major TV and film productions.

These new deluxe non-latex sponges are as helpful as they are fun. The flower breaks into 8 separate petals, or tear-drop shaped sponges. Can be used wet or dry. Once damp, the petals expand to a large sponge with gentle edges. The petal shape provides you various options for application. The tip is perfect for applying concealer or cleaning up lines. The rounded outer edge is great for bouncing on product for an evenly dispersed, flawless finish. No more sponge streaks here!

PLUS they are reusable! Simply wash the sponge with your favorite brush soap, making sure to work it all the way through the sponge. Rinse and work through under water until the water runs clean.

Pre-cut into 8 wedges.

Dimension: 3 x 3" 
Suggested Retail Price: $5.00