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Shipping and Warranty
180 Day Limited Warranty:

Customer satisfaction is a priority at MONDA STUDIO®. Since most of our products are handmade and handcrafted, variations in color, texture and finish are not considered flaws.

MONDA STUDIO® (MS®) warrants that its products are subjected to a quality control process and are free from defect. However, in the event that a manufacturing defect is discovered:

  1. MS® will replace product if returned within 30 days of purchase (with verified receipt).
  2. After 30 days of purchase, MS® will repair product to functional capacity and/or replace defective component (handles, Trolley unit, wheels).
  3. If manufacturing defect cannot be repaired, then MS® will replace case free of charge (except shipping).
Handling Instructions:

Customers are advised to follow handling instructions included with Professional Cases and to avoid overloading cases with contents beyond the weight-lifting-capacity of the handles and spring clasps (see below). All belts must be securely fastened before fabric cases are carried. Such mishandling can void the Limited Warranty. MS® is not responsible for repairing or replacing any product that is found to be damaged due to misuse, mishandling or damage due to excess wear and tear. Weight-lifting-capacity:
15 lb per Spring clasps: MSC 310, MSC 320, MSC 340, MSC 390, MSC 400
25 lb Handles: MSC 310, MSC 320, MSC 350, MSC 360, MSC 500

Assembly and/or handling Instructions for MSC 310, MSC 350, MSC 360, MSC 370, MSC 380, MSC 500, MSC 700 and MST 700 are listed on the main page of each of these cases.


All orders are shipped Fed Ex Ground unless otherwise specified. Rushed orders are subject for extra charge. Each Fed Ex order has a Tracking Number for ease of shipment tracking. Orders received before 11:00 AM Monday through Friday Pacific Time (excepting Holidays) are shipped within one to two business days. International (outside US) shipping is available upon request.